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Daughter's 1st Bikecamp

Daughter's 1st Bikecamp

Ever since I took my son on a bikecamp my daughter has been wanting her turn. She is not as outdoorsy as my son. I was a little worried how she would handle the experience and tried to convince her to wait until next summer. The weather was getting cold leading up to the trip and rain was in the forecast. She does not ride her bike very often; in fact she learned to ride it the same day my son did (they are three years apart). Turns out my concerns where futile, she had a great time. It did rain on us in the afternoon and thunder-stormed in the evening. It was also chilly, but not unbearable.

Bike Camp (April 2018): Sick, Cold, and Wet

Bike Camp (April 2018):  Sick, Cold, and Wet

It has been a cold and wet April, not ideal camping weather.  Because of my schedule when an opportunity to camp comes up I have to seize it.  Despite the weather, it was nice to get out and enjoy nature.  I cook some pub burgers using homemade beer cheese spread for supper, I try another Backpacker's Pantry freeze-dried meal, and charbroil a homemade hot pocket.