Bike Camp (April 2018): Sick, Cold, and Wet

I love my woobie!

I love my woobie!

It has been a cold and wet April, not ideal camping weather.  Because of my schedule when an opportunity to camp comes up I have to seize it.  Despite the weather, it was nice to get out and enjoy nature.  I cook some pub burgers using homemade beer cheese spread for supper, I try another Backpacker's Pantry freeze-dried meal, and charbroil a homemade hot pocket.

Day One: Cold and Sick

I was sick during this trip, so I was hitting the tea pretty hard.  Not sure if tea actually helps, but I believe it does so it must.  The freeze-dried meal I tried was Mountain House Hawaiian Style Rice with Chicken and it tasted great.  My only complaint is I wished I would have used less water.  Freeze dried meals are very convenient; they are lightweight and easy to make.  The tradeoff is they are pricey.

For dinner, I made Pub Burgers.  The burgers are 50% beef and 50% pork, nothing exotic.  The true magic of this burger is the beer cheese spread.  I used my normal recipe but added 1 jalapeno.  (Click here for more cheese spread recipe)

My beverage of choice for the evening was Breckenridge Agave Wheat.  Normally I stick to stouts, porters, and Scottish; the Agave was an impulse buy.  It's a sweet crisp beer probably best enjoyed in the summer.  I'm a big fan of Breckenridge, in fact, I have maneuvered this year's family vacation to include a visit to the Breckenridge Brewery.  While throwing back those wheat ales I also smoked a Gurhka Beuty.  I'm far from a cigar expert, but I know what I like and I have had better cigars for half the price.  It could easily have been my sickness effecting my taste, so I suppose it may be worth smoking one again.  

The temperature only got colder throughout the night.  I don't ever winter camp and I have very little cold weather gear (or snivel gear for those 11Bs and 19Ds out there).  There was more than one time I contemplated calling my wife to come get.

Day Two: Wet

I didn't sleep much during the night.  I was less than excited to hear the rain coming down.  I eventually convinced myself that my need for coffee was greater than my need to stay dry.  I made some instant coffee by Black Rifle Coffee.  Since becoming a coffee snob a few years ago I would not normally have instant coffee, but Black Rifle makes good stuff and the instant coffee did not disappoint.  

After a couple cups of coffee, I had a simple breakfast of bacon and eggs.  For some reason, I wanted to stay until lunch.  It did warm up a little as the day went on, it also continued to rain a little as the day went on.  For lunch, I heated up a homemade hot pocket.  I marinated some chicken in beer then grilled and shredded it.  The bbq sauce was homemade and used ketchup and beer as the base.  I mixed the chicken and sauce together then carefully made pockets with some Pillsbury pie crust.  The homemade hot pocket tasted good even after I charred it.

My afternoon cigar was a Schizo by Asylum.  I enjoyed it much more than the previous days Gurkha.  The Schizo is 1/3 the cost of the Gurkha Beuty.  


Solid rubber tubes called Stop Flats.

Solid rubber tubes called Stop Flats.

I replaced my inner tubes on the trailer wheels with solid rubber ones.  I like not having to worry about a flat on the trailer and I no longer have to carry tubes for those tires.  The tires do no feel slightly deflated and add drag.  I think the trade off is worth it, but I would not replace my bike tubes with the rubber inserts.

Fire = Warmth

Fire = Warmth

If you bike camp with a trailer in cold weather I suggest using it as a heat reflector.  Just remember to take the wheels off.  Another quick tip, if you do not have a conceal permit (or just don't like to pack heat while camping) grab yourself a good pepper spray.  For camping I use a Kimber Pepper Blaster II.  I have had to many close calls with dogs not to carry some kind of protection.  

The Views

Overall it was a good trip, still I prefer warmer weather.