Daughter's 1st Bikecamp

Ever since I took my son on a bikecamp my daughter has been wanting her turn. She is not as outdoorsy as my son. I was a little worried how she would handle the experience and tried to convince her to wait until next summer. The weather was getting cold leading up to the trip and rain was in the forecast. She does not ride her bike very often; in fact she learned to ride it the same day my son did (they are three years apart).

Turns out I was wrong to be concerned, she had a great time. It did rain on us in the afternoon and thunder-stormed in the evening. It was also chilly, but not unbearable.

Click on the picture above to cycle through more.


My daughter, Emma, is a picky eater. So, for lunch I kept it simple with Velveeta Shells & Cheese. I made myself Kraft Mac & Cheese, but I fancied it up. I added Italian cheese, chorizo salami, and shiitake mushrooms (watch the video to see how it turned out). For supper we had pub burgers. I had a hard time getting the fire going because all our wood was wet. Normally I like to make a decent sized fire then let it burn down to embers. Our pub burgers ended up being medium rare. To my surprise my daughter liked them. For dessert we had ‘space ice cream’. I didn’t realize until later that it is actually made from ice cream. It was pretty good too.

I like using my Aero-press with fresh coffee. I recently ran a Trail Ragnar and have a surplus of instant coffee. On this trip I mixed one Tasters Choice and one Starbucks in each cup. It’s not as good as fresh Black Rifle, but it hit the spot on a cold morning. For breakfast I again had problems getting the fire going even though I covered the wood with my trailer for the night. We had breakfast burgers; using waffles instead of buns.


We kept ourselves busy bike riding and hiking. Emma showed me a spot I have never been too and we found a bunch of large shells. Emma even went on hike by herself and did some filming.

We had a good time camping and plan on doing it again next year. Emma will be getting an adult bike and I may get some panniers to go with it.