Bike Camp 2017

To some, my passion for camping seemed sudden; as if I was going through a mid-life crisis or attempting to find some inner peace. Truth is I have always loved camping, but for years I could not find the time.  Once my National Guard career ended I finally started to find the time I needed to camp.  This last year has been incredible and I intend to keep it going next.  

Leaving the Guard also gave me the oportunity to grow my hair long.

Leaving the Guard also gave me the oportunity to grow my hair long.

In October I went to a secluded spot to camp.  During the trip, I kayaked and cooked. I try two new freeze-dried meals and cooked fish in a cast iron skillet.

My dad has been telling me for years how great a cast iron skillet is.  My friend Warren brought one when we camped on the I&M Canal near McKinley Woods.  My dad was absolutely right, everything tasted better on cast iron.  I talked about it so much that my mother-in-law couldn't resist buying me one from a market.

I picked up the Garlic rub (pictured top left) from Renaissance Fair.  It has worked really well on seafood for me.  The tropical fruit I used in the skillet was not as good as the pineapple I used at McKinley Woods.  My wife bought me the Founders Porter as an anniversary gift.  It is a great beer and definitely makes my top 10 list.  Both of the freeze dried meals tasted good; I can always count on Mountain House.  Backpacker's Pantry was new for me, I plan on sampling more next year.  The brats I cooked up for a midnight snack came from Indianna; the mushroom and swiss mixed in them gave them an unique taste.

My inflatable kayak has surpassed all my expectations.  It has opened up new experiences for me while camping.  I was able to get some great scenic shots on lake (above) as well as some wildlife pictures (below).



everyone who has supported my crazy idea of solo camping.