What is Lost 13?

Basement Sociology (B. S.):  This section is a collection of essays and articles concerning my perspective on the world.  Some of the writing is heavy with my opinion and some I do my best to stay objective.  I do my best to offer facts to support my opinion and links to encourage further research by the reader.  I hope that some of my writings will spark conversation and healthy debates.  We all have different perspectives on the world, share them respectfully.

Cooking:  I began to cook out of a need to survive on my own.  It has since become one of my favorite hobbies.  In this section I post some of what I think are the more unique things I cook.  I hope one day to write my own cook book.

Fitness:  If you have seen any of my videos you know I need a little work in the fitness department.  Still, I have learned a lot over the years and wish to share some of the knowledge.  This section is where my fitness and health tips are posted.  You can check out some of my running statistics by clicking here.


Camping:  The main reason I began this website was to show case my camping videos.  I have enjoyed camping for as long as I can remember.  My brother and I would pretend to be hobbits and explore for hours.  My wife and I would go camping for dates and our children tent camped before they could walk.  This section will most likely always have the most posts.  Check out my YouTube channel by clicking here.

What is in a name?

Simply put, Lost 13 is a combination of two terms used to describe my generation.

The current generation of any period blames the previous one and condemns the following one.  During my ‘punk rock years’ I read a handful of sociology books examining Generation X.  Four of those books pointed out all the faults of my generation calling us lazy, entitled, and rebellious.  One book claimed that Generation X will be the first generation not to financially pass their parents.  Of course all these claims were assumptions based on very little facts or statistics; we were largely still in our teens after all.  In fact the term Generation X was not even the official term for us yet.  One book referred to us as the Lost Generation.  Although most books damned us I did read one that blamed the Baby Boomers for messing up the world.  This book did have statistics; still it was an unfair comparison.  The book claimed we were the 13th Generation under flag and constitution.

Regardless of whether the books presented intelligible arguments, two things stuck with me after reading them: a driving urge not to fail and a want to break the cycle of blame.  Too often I hear my peers say the same things about Millennials that the Baby Boomers said about us.  It is unfortunate that the cycle is not recognized.  Even if it is someone will immediately say, “Well this is different”. 

So, originally Lost 13 was just a combination of two terms for my generation and it represented my teenage angst.  Today I use it to remind myself that the cycle of blame needs to be broken.